Nadapuram Mudi is a lesser known magical spot in the forest areas of Kannur, Kozhikode and Wayanad. Since this place has very few visitors, not even the natives know much about this place. One can see the famous Nadapuram Mosque from this peak or mudi and that’s how it got the name Nadapuram Mudi. This fascinating place can be reached from Kannur, Kozhikode or Wayanad through the border village of Vilangad. A ride through the off-road and on-road for about 6km will take you to this area. The peculiarity of this place is that there is no official gateway or road to reach Nadapuram Mudi. This place is a part of Periya reserve forest area and hence we can’t go in without securing the permission of the forest authority. There is a colony of immigrants with very few houses on the way. From here we have to begin our trekking to the top. The people here told us that this place is regularly troubled by elephants but other than that not many other wild animals come here. Strong smell of coffee flowers breeze into my nose. Yes, this is where the forest begins.
Let me explain a few things about Vilangad. The two-lane road ends here. A very strange but fascinating sight awaits you here. On one side, we can see the beginning of the river while on the other side towering mountains which seem to touch the sky.  The forest appears like a screen that separates two cultures. A common border for three districts- Kannur, Kozhikode and Wayanad, Vilangad gives you a unique experience. One can reach Kunjom panchayat in Wayanad from Panom by traveling just 6km through the forest. In the past, people used to travel through the forest to reach their destination. But now it is almost impossible because thick shrubs and trees have covered these paths. This part of the Western Ghats has rare varieties of birds and snakes. There have been deliberations on constructing a road to Wayanad for a long time. As you climb up the mountain, you will see a big rock from where you can view the whole area and hence it is called the view point area. The sight is beyond imaginable. All we can see is layers of mountains everywhere. The mesmerizing sight will make you forget the views from Kudajadri and Nelliyampathy. The pure cool breeze and the sight of innumerable ranges will soothe your mind and soul. On one side if you look carefully you can see the Nadapuram mosque featured in the very popular song of Yousef Ali Kecheri and on the other side, you can see the tallest peak in Wayanad, the Chembra peak. These sights along with the amazing view of the churam very faraway, will make your heart go calm and serene. This fascinating place is just 20km away from Mananthavadi. Makkiyad in Wayanad district is also close by. One can also reach this spot by walking through a path in the forest from Kuttyadi Churam.